Lyd i biblioteket # 1 : Accessing the British Library’s audio collections

18 okt 2016

British Library har en svært omfattende lydsamling. Med utgangspunkt i konkrete prosjekter vil Richard Ranft, leder av Sound and Vision department ved British Library, fortelle hvordan disse samlingene brukes, forskes på og gjøres tilgjengelig for publikum.

Lyd i biblioteket # 1 : Accessing the British Library’s audio collections

The British Library has seven million published, unpublished and broadcast sound recordings of all kinds, spanning over a century of sound production and distribution. The recordings cover all subjects that may be recorded: music of all genres, the spoken word and artistic performances, oral histories, natural and environmental sounds and other audio recordings.

All the recordings may be listened to at the British Library, an increasing number via SoundServer, an instant ‘jukebox’ service. But, where rights allow, The Library is making an increasing number accessible online, to spread their use in research, education and for general enjoyment.

Different projects that provide access, and the ways these aid research, will be explained with specific examples:

  • British Library Sounds, a growing online web gallery, built in-house, of over 75,000 recordings
  • Voices of Science, an educational website on the lives of UK scientists as told through recorded interviews
  • Sounds Familiar, a very popular online guide to British accents
  • Our sound maps projects that include crowdsourced dialect and environmental recordings used for academic studies and for creative performances
  • The Listening Project in collaboration with the BBC, preserving contemporary conversations
  • Save our Sounds, a major programme that will digitise rare and endangered sounds from the Library and from other key UK collections, while ensuring future capture of and access to the majority of broadcast radio and published recordings
  • The use of SoundCloud, Europeana and other platforms for audio discovery and sharing.